My sweet little ladies!

My sweet little ladies!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boy, does time fly...

As of this Friday, March 2nd, Charlotte and Samantha will officially be 6 months old! It boggles my mind that this much time has elapsed, but the calendar glaringly points out that it indeed has passed.

I am hoping to take them to the park and around Lexington to take some fun 6 months pictures of them. Let's see if the weather (which has been nutty, btw!) cooperates... They have been doing really well! They go to the pediatrician for their 6 month check up on Tuesday, so we'll be able to see just how much they weigh and how tall they are now! I would say that based on carrying each of them in their car seats in each crook of my arm, they would each have to be somewhere around 15 or 16 pounds. I get a good workout with these girls! Haha!

They are so much fun right now! They both like to "talk" and just laugh and laugh when you play with them. We read a book together just about every morning and they actually look at the pictures and appear to be engrossed. I hope that they are readers like their mommy and daddy : ) I try, everyday, to take in the fact that they aren't going to be this little for very long and just enjoy the time with them. I do, however, really look forward to the toddler days when we can do things like go to the park and play or the zoo or the aquarium (we'll be sure to steer clear of the jellyfish, though... (shudder)).

I am excited because I have quite a few friends who are pregnant right now and love talking with them about their little ones! There are even a bunch of moms at the gym who either have twins or are pregnant with twins and today, I spent about 30 minutes talking to two of them about being mommies to multiples. It's funny to see what similarities there are between all of us and the events that occur when you have two babies at one time! They may be a lot of work, but I absolutely lovety love love being a mommy to two sweet, little, baby girls!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two teething babies and happy moments

You always hear about how awful the whole teething stage is for babies (and parents), but I suppose you can't fully appreciate it until it happens with you and your child(ren). Charlie and Sam both have some bottom teeth coming in and this past weekend was AWFUL. My poor Sister-in-Law, Julie, was visiting us this weekend and endured it all with us. For a few nights leading up to Julie's visit, Sam would wake up right around midnight and scream as though someone had told her that her beloved stuffed puppy had been thrown away. It took a full half hour to calm her down and then another forty-five minutes to get her back to sleep. Yar. Charlie had her teeth tantrums during the day, so I guess that it's good that they at least take turns? LoL. I got some baby Orajel and that seems to help some. In fact, I do believe that they enjoy the taste. My little weirdos... haha

On a happier note, Charlie is now a roly poly, too! Crawling (and quite possibly talking) is not in the so distant future! I am thinking that trip to Babies 'R Us for some baby proofing materials will be in order very soon. And while I realize that they can both roll over, they were both just doing the belly to back roll, not the back to belly. So when in their room yesterday and saw that Sam and found a way to sleep on her belly, I was a little surprised and a little scared. I know that they are over five months old now and their risk for SIDS is almost gone, it still worries me. I know she'll be fine, but I worry nonetheless. They also ate in their highchairs for the first time this weekend! So far, they have tried applesauce (which they do like now!), bananas, and pears mixed with rice cereal. They get it all over and get really excited about eating it.

It's funny because I look at them both and just can't believe how seriously BIG they are! They have grown so much in these past five months and I was nothing more than to press a big 'ole 'stop' button and freeze time for a bit. I am loving this stage (minus the previously mentioned teething) because they are little people now. Charlie thinks fart noises are hilarious (I mean, who doesn't?) and Sam loves to "talk" to herself and sort of even sings (if you call that high pitch sound she makes singing...). Charlie tries to eat my nose when I am holding her in front of me and Sam is the wiggliest little wiggle worm! They are silly just like Chris and I are and I wouldn't have it any other way! Here are some more pictures! Enjoy!

Charlie in her highchair

Sammy in her highchair


My little future Alpha Phi's! : ) If they want to be, of course!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wow, I have been awful with this...

I have been inspired by some of my other friends who have blogs, as they have recently revamped their blogs. My last post was from JULY 2011. Yeesh. Let me catch you up...

Samantha Ann and Charlotte Michelle were born at 7:47am and 7:48am respectively on September 2, 2011. Sam weighed 5lbs 13 oz. and was 17.5in long and Charlie was 5lbs 12oz. and was also 17.5 in long. They were just perfect : ) The delivery was scheduled and went entirely according to plan! I was most scared about the epidural, to be perfectly honest, but when I got into the surgical room, the anesthesiologist put something in my IV before he did the actual epidural. I went out like a light and the next thing I knew, I was on the table and they were starting the surgery. BOOM. My kind of delivery! haha. Here are some pictures from the girls' first few days:

The girls and I a few hours after their delivery : )

Our first family photo!
Sam and Charlie : )
First bath
First Bears game! (A true milestone! haha!)

It really is an indescribable feeling... When those two babies were placed in my arms, it was like the rest of the world went dark and there were these two bright balls of light laying against my chest. We were a family; the girls and Chris and I.

Both my mom and dad and Chris' mom and dad were able to be there when the girls were born, which was amazing! It made me so happy to see them hold the girls. We were also quite lucky that immediately following the birth of the girls, we had family for a full month to help us! My mom and dad were there for the first two weeks,

Stacy and Julie came the day after they were born, we had a visit from Aunt Cyn, Aunt Liz, Jessica and Hailey,
my brother, Alex, came out, and then Chris' parents, Pam and Angelo, came back for two weeks, too. They helped so much when it came to feedings, changings, burpings, baths, etc. It was great to have the love and support that family can provide so well : )

Since then, the girls had their first trip home which was for unfortunate circumstances. My Uncle John passed away after a short, but violent battle with cancer on September 9th and we went home the first weekend in October for his memorial service. It makes me so sad that he never got to see the girls, but I hope that he is at peace now.

They have gone to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to see their Great-Grandma Ruth and Great-Uncle Gary:

They went to a surprise 30th anniversary party for Grandma Pam and Grandpa Angelo:

They had their first Halloween:

They had their first Thanksgiving:

Their first wedding:

and their first Christmas:

My little peanuts are getting so big, so quickly! They are already 13.5 pounds each. Sam is 23.75in tall and Charlie is 23.5in tall. Sammy rolled over for the first time last week and I just know that Charlie will do it soon, too! They both like to babble and laugh. My favorite thing in the whole entire world is when I go up to their room in the morning and they give me the biggest smiles and laugh. My heart melts every single time. I found a quote that sums up how I feel about them and hope to have it hanging in their room soon:

"No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside."

I love my little stinkers!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 weeks and the girls' nursery!

I don't think I have ever been this uncomfortable for this long of a period of time in my life! Sitting or standing, it doesn't really matter. I haven't had a restful night's sleep in some time now. I don't mean to complain; I am just putting it out there. LoL.

On a happier note, on our last visit to the doctor, we found out that the girls are almost 4 pounds each and are doing excellent! : ) It's always nice to get the news that they are healthy and growing well!

Uncle Greg visited this weekend and got the nursery all painted and helped Chris assemble the furniture! We still have to pick up the other long dresser and assemble a bookcase, which will hopefully happen this weekend! I am trying to find wall art that I like and I think that I have from a website called (which can be oh so very dangerous for anyone who has/will have children!). Here are some pics of the nursery as it is right now and I will post more pics as we get things done in there : )

I also promise to take a belly pic for everyone tomorrow and post it. Many have asked, so I will deliver! But it is bedtime now... Or at least it is time to attempt to get some sleep... Night all!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

25 weeks!

We had our big baby shower in Illinois on June 5th and it was absolutely beautiful! Everyone was so very generous and sweet and we appreciate it so much! We got just about everything that we are going to need for these little ladies : ) Everything from onesies to high chairs to diapers and all that lies in between. Here are a few pictures from the shower:
My mom and I at the shower

Some of the gifts

My cake! I loved how it turned out. My friend Jenny from the shop did it : )
Hooray! Baby carrier covers!

These little ladies are so loved and so cared by so many already!

We also had a Dr's appointment yesterday and everything looked great! Both babies are right at about 2 lbs : ) It is always exciting to see them on the monitor. I am quite spoiled in that I get an ultrasound at every appointment with twins! I will have to go back in two weeks for the glucose testing. At that point, I will be 7 months along and into the third trimester already! My, oh, my how the time has flown!

On Thursday, my mom will be here for a visit! We are going to dinner with the ladies from work on Friday and then on Saturday, my friends here in KY are going to have a shower for us! It should be a great weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

22 Weeks!

Our two sweet little girls are growing so fast! They each weigh a pound a piece. They are also moving like crazy! Whoever is on the left likes to kick her mommy in the ribs, which is lovely! LoL. It is, however, very exciting to feel them move in there. When we saw them at the last ultrasound, they looked like Rock 'em, Sock 'Em robots with as much as they were throwing punches; it's a good thing they are each in their own sacs! I can't believe that they will be here in about three months!

Monday, May 9, 2011

20 weeks!

Well, I had my first Mother's Day with babies on the way : ) I had many people wish me a Happy Mom-to-be Day and I got maternity clothes from my parents and my parents-in-law and Chris got Cubs vs. Reds tickets for us and we also bought the bedding for our little ladies from Pottery Barn Kids; I can't wait to see their room all put together! My Uncle Greg is going to come out the first weekend in July to paint their room, too!

We got to see our friends Chris, Chelsea and their daughter, Rease, for her 2nd birthday party! It's always good to see them and I wish it were easier to do so. We're all just spread out and have lots of crazy things going on.

I am very excited to see my parents-in-law, Pam and Angelo and my sisters-in-law, Stacy and Julie this weekend! We're heading to Missouri to see Stacy graduate from Mizzou : ) We're also going to stop and see our friends, Evan and Carissa, on Friday, which should be fun; we haven't seen them in almost a year.

My shower at home is in less than a month and I am also very excited to see the rest of my family and friends! I can't believe how fast time is going by, though. I am already in my fifth month and it just doesn't seem possible. I know that I should be prepared for time flying as I know that once they get here it will probably go by even faster.