My sweet little ladies!

My sweet little ladies!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

25 weeks!

We had our big baby shower in Illinois on June 5th and it was absolutely beautiful! Everyone was so very generous and sweet and we appreciate it so much! We got just about everything that we are going to need for these little ladies : ) Everything from onesies to high chairs to diapers and all that lies in between. Here are a few pictures from the shower:
My mom and I at the shower

Some of the gifts

My cake! I loved how it turned out. My friend Jenny from the shop did it : )
Hooray! Baby carrier covers!

These little ladies are so loved and so cared by so many already!

We also had a Dr's appointment yesterday and everything looked great! Both babies are right at about 2 lbs : ) It is always exciting to see them on the monitor. I am quite spoiled in that I get an ultrasound at every appointment with twins! I will have to go back in two weeks for the glucose testing. At that point, I will be 7 months along and into the third trimester already! My, oh, my how the time has flown!

On Thursday, my mom will be here for a visit! We are going to dinner with the ladies from work on Friday and then on Saturday, my friends here in KY are going to have a shower for us! It should be a great weekend!

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