My sweet little ladies!

My sweet little ladies!

Monday, May 23, 2011

22 Weeks!

Our two sweet little girls are growing so fast! They each weigh a pound a piece. They are also moving like crazy! Whoever is on the left likes to kick her mommy in the ribs, which is lovely! LoL. It is, however, very exciting to feel them move in there. When we saw them at the last ultrasound, they looked like Rock 'em, Sock 'Em robots with as much as they were throwing punches; it's a good thing they are each in their own sacs! I can't believe that they will be here in about three months!

Monday, May 9, 2011

20 weeks!

Well, I had my first Mother's Day with babies on the way : ) I had many people wish me a Happy Mom-to-be Day and I got maternity clothes from my parents and my parents-in-law and Chris got Cubs vs. Reds tickets for us and we also bought the bedding for our little ladies from Pottery Barn Kids; I can't wait to see their room all put together! My Uncle Greg is going to come out the first weekend in July to paint their room, too!

We got to see our friends Chris, Chelsea and their daughter, Rease, for her 2nd birthday party! It's always good to see them and I wish it were easier to do so. We're all just spread out and have lots of crazy things going on.

I am very excited to see my parents-in-law, Pam and Angelo and my sisters-in-law, Stacy and Julie this weekend! We're heading to Missouri to see Stacy graduate from Mizzou : ) We're also going to stop and see our friends, Evan and Carissa, on Friday, which should be fun; we haven't seen them in almost a year.

My shower at home is in less than a month and I am also very excited to see the rest of my family and friends! I can't believe how fast time is going by, though. I am already in my fifth month and it just doesn't seem possible. I know that I should be prepared for time flying as I know that once they get here it will probably go by even faster.