My sweet little ladies!

My sweet little ladies!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two teething babies and happy moments

You always hear about how awful the whole teething stage is for babies (and parents), but I suppose you can't fully appreciate it until it happens with you and your child(ren). Charlie and Sam both have some bottom teeth coming in and this past weekend was AWFUL. My poor Sister-in-Law, Julie, was visiting us this weekend and endured it all with us. For a few nights leading up to Julie's visit, Sam would wake up right around midnight and scream as though someone had told her that her beloved stuffed puppy had been thrown away. It took a full half hour to calm her down and then another forty-five minutes to get her back to sleep. Yar. Charlie had her teeth tantrums during the day, so I guess that it's good that they at least take turns? LoL. I got some baby Orajel and that seems to help some. In fact, I do believe that they enjoy the taste. My little weirdos... haha

On a happier note, Charlie is now a roly poly, too! Crawling (and quite possibly talking) is not in the so distant future! I am thinking that trip to Babies 'R Us for some baby proofing materials will be in order very soon. And while I realize that they can both roll over, they were both just doing the belly to back roll, not the back to belly. So when in their room yesterday and saw that Sam and found a way to sleep on her belly, I was a little surprised and a little scared. I know that they are over five months old now and their risk for SIDS is almost gone, it still worries me. I know she'll be fine, but I worry nonetheless. They also ate in their highchairs for the first time this weekend! So far, they have tried applesauce (which they do like now!), bananas, and pears mixed with rice cereal. They get it all over and get really excited about eating it.

It's funny because I look at them both and just can't believe how seriously BIG they are! They have grown so much in these past five months and I was nothing more than to press a big 'ole 'stop' button and freeze time for a bit. I am loving this stage (minus the previously mentioned teething) because they are little people now. Charlie thinks fart noises are hilarious (I mean, who doesn't?) and Sam loves to "talk" to herself and sort of even sings (if you call that high pitch sound she makes singing...). Charlie tries to eat my nose when I am holding her in front of me and Sam is the wiggliest little wiggle worm! They are silly just like Chris and I are and I wouldn't have it any other way! Here are some more pictures! Enjoy!

Charlie in her highchair

Sammy in her highchair


My little future Alpha Phi's! : ) If they want to be, of course!

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